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Welcome to my web page! This site revolves around two things. One, my most treasured belonging, a 1990 300zx twin turbo. The second thing that this page is based on, is the small tropical island in which I live on. That island being Guam. You won't find much info here on this page, but I do have have some links that can help you find the information that you want.

Chamorro Land
Information on Guam's culture
Destination Micronesia
Offers tours to Guam and Micronesia
Guam Cybermag
Business only Internet Service Provider
Guam Visitors Bureau
Marianas Vistors Bureau
Micronesian Divers
Come and dive Guam
Pacific Daily News
Local Newspaper
University of Guam
Guam's very own University
Virtual Tour
Check out Guam
Kuentos Guahan
Chat with people in Guam

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